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A top-level domain is the actual domain name, like ‘.com’, ‘.international’ or ‘.net’. A second-level domain is the page name you bought from your domain provider, such as the ‘hosting’ in ‘’, without the ‘www’ prefix.
A subdomain is used to give a particular section of your website a memorable address that your guests can find easily. For example, you might create a help section that your guests can navigate to directly. If your usual domain name is ‘’, your subdomain for this section might be ’’.
Using the WHOIS  service, you can find information about a domain, such as its owner, registrar and expiration date. If the domain owner has chosen to hide their personal details, you might see the registrar’s or hosting company’s information instead. We provide a service of ID Protection to hide your personal details.
For most types of domains (.com, .net, .org, etc.) we're able to provide a 30 day renewal grace period. This means that, whereas your domain's services will be suspended once your domain expires, you will still be able to renew the domain at your regular renewal rate for up to 30 days after the expiration date. Please note that we will always encourage domain registrants to renew their domain(s) before their expiration date. It's always good to be safe than sorry!
Most expired domains should be fully active again within 24 hours of renewal. In some cases, services for your domain might activate after only a couple hours, but it's typical for it to take about a day for most.
A premium domain is a previously registered or existing domain that is of a higher quality and has potential for a memorable web site. Having a domain name that is memorable, directly related to your online business, and that instantly attracts your target audience is the first step in establishing every successful and profitable web site. Because the domain is already registered, you will most likely end up paying a premium price for the domain. It's important to remember that, even though you may have paid a premium price, premium domains still need to have their registration kept up to date in order for you to maintain ownership/possession of the domain. We have an offering of high quality premium domains to chose from. 

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