Our control panel features

Operating Systems for VPS and Dedicated Servers

We are using latest versions of cloud images for our virtual servers as well as latest OS releases for dedicated servers.
By request we can install other OS for your product, feel free to contact us

Centos Arch Linux Ubuntu Fedora Debian Windows
CentOS 6 Arch Linux (NEW!) Ubuntu 16 xenial Fedora 32 Debian 10 buster 2012 R2 
CentOS 7 Ubuntu 18 bionic Fedora 36 Debian 11 bullseye 2016
Ubuntu 20 focal Debian 12 bookworm 2019
Ubuntu 22 focal

Still searching for the fast and cheap VPS server?
We have it for you!


With KVM technology enabled for this
VPS, your servers are powered with
increased flexibility and control


Your KVM VPS is easily managed from
the client area. Manage VPS from your
PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device


We are here for you 24/7/365 via
Ticket system and Email to assist
with any questions you may have


We use latest models of Supermicro TwinPro servers which are optimized for cloud, HPC, and virtualization.


You can create your private infrastructure
on the high speed interconnection which is completely isolated


In combination with HP enterprise storage
and redundancy of all network equipment
our infrastructure is rock solid



We are using Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) which is an open source virtualization technology built into Linux®. Specifically, KVM lets you turn Linux into a hypervisor that allows a host machine to run multiple, isolated virtual environments called guests or virtual machines (VMs).
KVM converts Linux into a type-1 (bare-metal) hypervisor. All hypervisors need some operating system-level components—such as a memory manager, process scheduler, input/output (I/O) stack, device drivers, security manager, a network stack, and more—to run VMs. KVM has all these components because it’s part of the Linux kernel. Every VM is implemented as a regular Linux process, scheduled by the standard Linux scheduler, with dedicated virtual hardware like a network card, graphics adapter, CPU(s), memory, and disks.
Sure, you can just install new kernel version or compile your own build. Reboot your VPS and safely watch the boot or rollback using our VNC console in the clientarea
We are using Supermicro TwinPro 4 nodes servers with Xeon Gold CPUs, each node is connected to clustered HP Enterprise storage via redundant high-speed SFP cables. Each server is connected via multiple uplinks to our Core HPE Aruba switches. 
All elements are redundant: Power supply on servers, all SFP/ethernet cables, all switches/firewalls/routers as well as uplinks and power supply/UPSs/generators in the Tier IV datacenter.
Currently we offer VPS and shared hosting service in our datacenter located in Czech Republic (our AS213354), heart of Europe with best routing to all EU countries. Soon we will offer it in Singapore (our AS50935) and Ukraine (our partner`s AS48031). Dedicated servers are offered in Ukraine and Czech Republic. 
We manage about 12 000 IP addresses worldwide
By default during the order you can select up to 32 IPv4 addresses. If you need more please contact us
Yes. VPSs within the same datacenter can be connected into the service page. Contact us to learn more.

Guaranteed Resources

Our KVM-based VPS hypervisor technology ensures consistent top-notch performance and the resources of the server can be scaled as your business expands.

Redundant Infrastructure

We are using only Tier IV datacenters (2(N+1)) for our infrastructure  

Secure Environment

All hardware is located in the locked racks and cages under 24/7 monitoring without any probability of 3rd party access according to ISO/IEC 27001 standards.

Top network and uplinks

We operate own Autonomous Systems AS213354 in Czech Republic and AS50935 in Singapore using multiple reputed ISPs to ensure high stability, eliminate single point of failure

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